Real Estate Investment: December 15/07 Articles

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Welcome to the December 15, 2007 edition of real estate investment.

Jason Elder presents Effects of Bankruptcy posted at A Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Blog, saying, “Once you have been declared bankrupt, under the bankruptcy law all assets that belonged to you, including your home come under the control of a Trustee.”

Edith presents 2008 Apartment Market Trends (U.S.) posted at Stewart Hsu.

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Ryan Russell presents Is Debt Consolidation A Good Idea? posted at Care on Credit, saying, “Debt consolidation comes in several forms, including credit counseling, balance transfers, and debt consolidation loans, so review your options carefully before making a decision.”

Real estate investment Leon Gettler presents Interview with David Rosenthal, md of Curtis-Rosenthal on subprime posted at Sox First, saying, “The fallout from the subprime debacle is likely to take three to six months, according to this interview with David Rosenthal, MD of Los Angeles based real estate consultancy Curtis-Rosenthal. That’s regardless of what the Fed does.”

Phil B. presents Is it Time to Purchase Bank Foreclosed Properties? « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “With the increased number of mortgage defaults and decreased real estate values, it may be time to purchase an investment property soon. Exactly how soon is a debatable question, but many experts are guesstimating between the end of 2008 and first quarter of 2009.”

Joshua Dorkin presents House Flipping Reality TV Shows: Good or Bad for Newbie Investors and Flippers? posted at Real Estate Investing For Real. Gavin R. Putland presents Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore & Taiwan: How property taxes affect economic growth posted at Gavonomics.

B.H. presents How to maximize “flip” profits through smart renovations posted at, saying, “Tips on how to maximize your resources and profit during a home renovation.”

John Crenshaw presents Is Real Estate Really A Good Investment? posted at Truthful Lending dot Com, saying, “Is Real Estate the ultimate investment as many people think of it? Let’s take a look at how it stacks up to other investments.”

Joshua Dorkin presents Investors Working on Foreclosure Deals: Avoid Fraud Suspicion – Disclose! posted at Real Estate Investing For Real.

FSBOJane presents Reasons You Should Use a Realtor posted at FSBO Jane.

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